Benj  Lipchak

Graphics Software Engineering Manager

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GPU expert and software engineering manager with experience leading geographically diverse teams to deliver high-quality, high-performance 3D graphics software. But now retired and focused on giving back!


GPU Drivers

Implementing new API features, supporting new hardware generations, optimizing performance, and improving correctness and stability.


People and project management focusing on leading from the front, attentive issue tracking, regular re-prioritization, and timely communication.

Standards Bodies

Collaborating with partners and competitors alike, leading new API development, and pushing employer's agenda while working to achieve consensus.


  • Metal / OpenGL
  • MSL / AIR / GLSL
  • Unreal Engine
  • C / C++ / Objective-C
  • JavaScript / PHP / SQL
  • Assembly Languages
  • git / Perforce / Subversion
  • Xcode / Visual Studio
  • macOS / Windows / Linux



Founder & CTO


Created 501(c)(3) nonprofit and website where donors pool their monthly contributions, nominate, and vote for which charity should win the pool each month. Now focusing on growth through SEO, social media marketing.


Software Engineering Manager


Worked with Epic Games on first Metal demo (Zen Garden), iMac VR demo (Darth Vader with ILMxLAB), and kept Unreal Engine and Fortnite running smoothly on Apple platforms. Led GPU tools and benchmarking teams. Presented at WWDC. Represented Apple on Khronos and as spec editor for OpenGL ES 3.0.


Software Engineering Manager


Led team of OpenGL ES and Direct3D Mobile driver devs spread across 10 time zones. Represented on Khronos and OpenGL ARB. Co-authored 3 editions of OpenGL SuperBible. Led OpenGL driver re-architecture effort.

Bulldozer Software

VP Product Development, Co-founder


Created content-based image search engine, where you could search based on what an image looks like rather than just keywords. Designed web site, Java painting GUI, and web spider. Filed four provisional patents.

DEC / Compaq

Senior Software Engineer


Contributed to UNIX graphics drivers while also serving as project manager. Provided on-site consulting to key defense and scientific customers worldwide. Led team responsible for benchmark optimizations.


Babson College

MBA at #1 ranked school for entrepreneurship — 3.9 GPA


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

MS in Computer Science, thesis on visualization of cyclic data — 3.9 GPA

BS with dual major in Computer Science and Technical Writing — 3.8 GPA


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